New Piece Up At The Root

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For The RootI write my annual piece on books to look forward to being published in 2018 by writers of the global African diaspora. Feel free to email/tweet me any amazing book titles I did not uncover. Happy reading!


Dispatches From Rape Culture


Khadijah Queen’s Yes I’m So Fine: A History of Famous Men and What I Had On is timely and necessary. For Anomaly, I wrote “Dispatches From Rape Culture,” about the Queen’s book, poetic theory, and rape culture.

New Poem Up at Red Paint Hill Literary Journal

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Honored to have my poem “Judges” published at Red Paint Hill Literary Journal. Sense music memory is reminding me of undergrad in the indie rock meeca of Chicago and listening to Red Hill Painters in Chicago in the early 2000s because they sounded like Pete Yorn and the Counting Crows and I would walk through Belmont after band practice with my electric bass on back with the music in my headphones before going to Ragstock, then Other Music, then to the coffee shop and drink green tea and look out the window and imagine imagine imagine, then write in my notebook. I am not 19 and in college anymore, don’t listen to these bands anymore, but love what they meant to me at one time, love how that little girl would have giggled to be published in a magazine (accidentally, perhaps) named after one of her favorite bands. If I could have told that girl what her life would be….well we have to go through it to learn and be who we are. So, no regrets, because I lived life to the fullest, no desire to be that young and naive, but I am thinking about nostalgia, about the music that was the soundtrack of my life in my twenties, how a song, a sound, can take me back to those memories, so intense, so vivid. I have lived so many lives…the wonder is, when you meet people, how you meet the person they are then, not the many selves we were before that moment.

New Piece Up at The Root


For The Root, I write my annual year-end round up of 16 wonderful books published by black authors in 2017. Others great ones I would have loved to include are Bunk, by Kevin Young, The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin, Ordinary Beast by Nicole Sealey, I’m So Fine, A List of Famous Men & What I Had On by Khadijah Queen, & Lower Ed by Tracey Clayton…but don’t worry, I’m showing some love for those books elsewhere soon soon.