The Body Family Goes to Haymarket Books!

So much is happening everywhere, but here is a bit of joy for today that I can now announce that my latest poetry collection will be published by @haymarketbooks, one of my favorite publishers! Thank you to the wonderful trio that is Sarah Bowlin, Julie Fain, and Maya Marshall.

My book is dedicated to the women and children who have survived the violences of genocide and war, and I couldn’t imagine a better home for it than Haymarket Books, committed to publishing beautiful books that marry artistic craft with social justice.

Within A Legacy of Colonization, ‘Postcolonial Love Poem’ Empowers Native Voice

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For NPR, I write about the stunning new poetry collection from Natalie Diaz:”

“How do we center, in this postcolonial experience, not the perspective of the western European colonizer but the perspective of the indigenous, black, and people of color who were colonized? Even the very language of this concept — postcolonial — betrays a perspective still situated around the white colonizer.

So we begin with this question: How do you create meaning when the language itself undercuts the meaning you are trying to create?

Natalie Diaz, whose incendiary When My Brother Was An Aztec transformed language eight years ago, addresses these ideas in her new poetry collection Postcolonial Love Poem through authorial choices that center Native perspective in content, point of view, agency, and normalization of Native culture and mythos — in short, the myriad ways the white gaze is normalized in the literary imagination and which readers are socialized to accept as the default normal as well.[…]