NBCC Elections


I have loved books every since I was a child. So I am incredibly honored to be elected to the NBCC Board to serve with such a fantastic, brilliant group of book critics and be part of honoring amazing books and writers with recognition and awards. Read more here.

New Essay At Dame Magazine

This month I found out that my son’s preschool Ruth Staples threw away his inhaler to cap off a year of racism, gender discrimination and bullying. I have withdrawn him from that preschool, obviously. I try to write about that, and other racism my son has experienced for Dame Magazine here.

New Piece Up at The Root


For The Root, I write my annual year-end round up of 16 wonderful books published by black authors in 2017. Others great ones I would have loved to include are Bunk, by Kevin Young, The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin, Ordinary Beast by Nicole Sealey, I’m So Fine, A List of Famous Men & What I Had On by Khadijah Queen, & Lower Ed by Tracey Clayton…but don’t worry, I’m showing some love for those books elsewhere soon soon.

Poem Published in Nasty Women Poets Anthology


“Donald Trump referred to Hillary Clinton as a “nasty woman” during one of the Presidential Debates–and women poets across the country responded with a vengeance. These poems of resistance to misogyny are powerful, moving, funny, and wise. Coeditors Bauer and Kane have assembled a rich collection of poems in this beautifully put together volume. I highly recommend this book.”--5 Star Review from Amazon.com

“What a fine anthology! Topical. Brilliant!”-5 Star Review from Amazon.com

“This collection is so wonderful I hardly know where to start. It may be sufficient to say that as you read it you’ll laugh, cry, get in a rage, but above all rejoice about being a woman.”--5 Star Review from Amazon.com

“I love this book so much! It’s smart, sassy, and raw. The poets in this anthology are some of the most powerful feminist voices today at their finest. Julie Kane and Grace Bauer have put together one beautifully nasty collection of poems from a diverse group of women. It’s a testament to the power of poetry and women everywhere.”–5 Star Review from Amazon.com

Honored to have my poem “Job (War Survivor’s Guilt” in the Nasty Women Poets anthology edited by the wonderful Grace Bauer and Julie Kane.