Movement No.1: Trains Featured in As It Ought To Be

movement_1024x1024Many thanks to Sivan Butler-Rotholz for featuring Movement No:1 Trains in her poetry series As It Ought To Be. Writes Ms. Butler-Rotholz:

Part train ride, part memory, Movement No. 1: Trains takes the reader on a journey through which narrative blends with past, history is distorted by the present, and the tracks of the mind become one with the train lines of the New York subway system. Disjointed in a halting motion that mirrors the jerky movements of an underground train, the sway and lurch of this collection is tempered by moments of clarity and thoughtful reflection: “she / imagines the sound she hears is breathing;” “it is only when she thinks of him that her body becomes soft;” “she / would move her body in tiny circles of his rhythm.”

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